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Exponential market growth

1.7 billion

Mobile AR worldwide users expected by 2024

An economic force in the making

$5 trillion

Amount the Metaverse is slated to add to the global economy by 2030

Discover the benefits of using virtual worlds for promotion

Metaverse Marketing is a cutting-edge form of digital advertising that has gained traction in recent years. It involves the use of virtual worlds or online gaming platforms to promote brands, products, and services. Through this immersive platform, marketers can reach potential customers in an engaging way that goes beyond traditional marketing methods.

How does it work?

Metaverse marketing uses virtual worlds or online gaming platforms to engage with potential customers. It allows for the creation of 3D environments, avatars, and interactive experiences which can help a brand bring their message across in an immersive way. In this setting, customers are able to explore a world that has been designed specifically for them and interact with it in real-time. This form of advertising is highly effective as it creates an experience that is unique and engaging and helps brands stand out from traditional forms of advertising.

An innovative form of advertising

Metaverse Marketing offers numerous advantages, making it an attractive option compared to traditional digital marketing techniques. Firstly, it provides a more engaging platform than other forms of advertising, as customers can explore a world with their own avatar and interact with it in real time. Additionally, virtual worlds allow for more customization options when creating campaigns, enabling marketers to tailor their message directly to the target audience.

Did you know?

The Metaverse market has continued to grow exponentially.

0 billion
The global XR market value projected by 2028

Every year brings growing adoption

It is predicted that by the year 2032, the number of mobile AR users worldwide will reach approximately 1.4 billion.

Advertising in a whole new direction

Metaverse Marketing provides a unique opportunity for brands to stand out from other competitors in the market by creating a unique experience that is both entertaining and informative. By leveraging this immersive platform, marketers can reach potential customers in an engaging and entertaining way. With the right strategies in place, metaverse marketing can be a powerful tool for digital advertising.

We specialize in creating effective Metaverse marketing campaigns that deliver results.

Whether you are just starting your business or you are a seasoned Fortune 500 company, the steps we follow to create an effective Metaverse marketing campaign all have the same foundation.

Market Research

We research and triangulate information to identify your target audience. When targeting a specific demographic for Metaverse Marketing, we consider general demographic data such as age range, gender breakdown, interests, location and other factors that may affect engagement levels with your content.

Define Goals

Selecting the right platform for your metaverse marketing campaign is essential as it will determine what type of content you can create and how effective your message will be. Popular virtual worlds such as Roblox, Fortnite, Decentraland, Minecraft and Meta’s Horizon Worlds offer great opportunities for digital advertising.

Content Production

The next step is to create an immersive 3D environment that will serve as the backdrop for your Metaverse marketing campaign. This should include elements which are tailored to the needs of your target audience, such as interactive elements, avatars and animations which help to bring your message across in an engaging way.

Campaign Promotion

We make use of internal and external channels to promote your Metaverse marketing campaign in order to reach your desired audience. We utilize social media, mobile apps, websites, and other advertising platforms in order to spread awareness.

Campaign Execution

During the campaign execution, we monitor the performance metrics of the experience to ensure that it is successful and meeting our goals. We also tweak and tune where possible and when needed. By effectively measuring results, we can make sure that our campaigns are optimized for the best possible outcome.

Ongoing Efforts

As the Metaverse evolves and new platforms emerge, we make sure to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and changes in order to ensure that your campaigns remain effective. This could include adapting your content or changing approaches in order to stay relevant with current audiences.

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Platform ResearchContent ProductionCampaign PlanningCampaign ExecutionCampaign Monitoring

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